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Response to Conclusion of RNC

We react to Trump's Convention

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July 22, 2016

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Local Democratic Leaders React to Conclusion of RNC


As the Republican National Convention has now concluded, local Democrats are left questioning what this past week about other than painting a dark, false picture of Republican’s view of America.  Three days of bizarre occurrences ranging from votes being taken out of the hands of delegates and a plagiarized speech to a mock prosecution and suggestions that the Democratic nominee be executed concluded with a long, dark vision of the nation according to Donald Trump.  Over the course of a speech running well over an hour, the Republican nominee listed a multitude of ways he feels citizens are under constant attack and victims of rampant lawlessness and danger.  The only “solution” he managed to provide was that he and he alone is the only person who can solve every problem, real or imagined, our country faces and he will do it fast.


Jackson County Democratic Committee Chairman Tom Wyrsch watched Trump’s speech Thursday night and stated, “that had to be the most negative, nasty, and pessimistic acceptance speech in American history. What’s worse than listing problems that were misrepresented is that Trump couldn’t provide a single concrete plan he will work with should he be elected. ‘Believe me’ isn’t a plan.”


President Obama had similar thoughts this morning. "This idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn't really jibe with the experience of most people," Obama told reporters.  Further, he added that we as voters don’t make good decisions when we act based on fears that don’t have basis in fact.

With the Democratic National Convention beginning next week, we can expect to see far more positivity and real-world solutions to the challenges facing America today from our nominee Secretary Hillary Clinton and a long list of prominent speakers. With the Vice President choice expected shortly, Democrats have reason to feel optimistic and proud as we inch closer to the November election.  The American people prefer the party of inclusion, real plans for progress, and focusing on what unites us as opposed to fear mongering, divisiveness and empty promises.