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This Week in Greitens Drama

House Special Investigation on Greitens Released; It's Disgusting

By now, you have heard about the findings of the Republican lead State House special committee charged with investigating criminal activity surrounding Governor Eric Greitens' affair shortly before his election.  The findings were at times difficult for many to read and the published version actually has a warning due to the graphic content. You can read the full report here if you have the stomach for it.  Calls for resignation swelled immediately and have not let up.  Many have stated that if Greitens doesn't resign, the House should move for impeachment quickly so the business of governing, which seems to now have come to a halt.  The morning that the report was to be released (Wednesday), the House Speaker Todd Richardson was informed that the findings were so damaging that he decided to recess the chamber until the following Tuesday, effectively canceling three full days of business.

Shortly before the public release of the report, the Governor made remarks stating that he would remain in office and challenged the credibility of the witnesses.  Greitens insists this is all a political witch hunt despite the mountain of evidence against that.  The seven member committee, of which five are Republicans, declared that the witnesses were credible and their testimony valid.  In short, that committee has reason to believe Greitens sexually assaulted and blackmailed a woman. What happens next is anyone's guess. The decision to move forward with impeachment (since Greitens won't resign) remains in the hands of House leadership.

Regardless, Greitens has a court date scheduled for May, but don't expect to hear many comments from him while under oath.  Check out this article that ran yesterday:

Greitens Commentary from Rep. Judy Morgan


I'm sick and tired of these   "Family Values" politicians like Greitens who talk one way and act another way.  On the campaign trail, Greitens proclaimed, " I'm Eric Greitens, I'm a Navy Seal, native Missourian, and most importantly, a proud husband and father."  And yet, he admitted to cheating on his wife.   In my book "Family Values" includes being faithful to your spouse and Greitens failed that test. 
However, his transgression of an extramarital affair pales in comparison to what really happened between  Greitens and  Witness 1 (his victim).    My heart goes out to this woman who suffered  sexual assault inflicted upon her by the governor.   Like I've already publicly stated - I believe her.  
However, I also feel sorry for Sheena Greitens and her children.    Knowing that your husband cheated on you is bad enough, but having all these sordid details plastered  all over the media has to be gut-wrenching.  The British Broadcasting Company even covered the governor's scandal.
I wholeheartedly agree with our Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty.  She said:  "The sworn testimony of Eric Greitens' victim is credible; the denials of Eric Greitens are not. If he will not act honorably and resign, then the House must initiate impeachment proceedings. That process must begin now, not weeks or months from now."
And Just From This Morning...
There are credible rumors that Greitens is threatening lawmakers to stay with him or they will lose support from his dark money funders.  We don't want to spread fake news; this report comes from a well known source in Jefferson City politics and got picked up by national media.  It also is consistent with Greitens' well document history of bullying other office holders.  Think Progress covers it HERE.
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