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A Statement on Josh Hawley

Pictured: Blind Ambition in Human Form

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January 5, 2020

Josh Hawley Has Become A Dangerous Embarrassment for Missouri


Since his election to the US Senate in 2018, Josh Hawley has spent a great deal of effort drawing attention to himself by making questionable statements in an attempt to pander to the most far right voters and conspiracy theorists in America.  His legally flawed and audacious claims easily got the attention of both traditional and fringe media and boosted his name recognition, which was obviously his only real goal.


Self-promotion is not unusual in politics, but Hawley has gone way too far in the final days of the failed Trump Administration.  In late December, Hawley announced that he would object to the report of the Electoral College when they declare their votes for President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.  His only logic for this act were headlines of debunked and/or baseless conspiracy theories concerning voter fraud.  At no point has he presented substantiated evidence to legally support these claims, which is no surprise since the Trump Administration’s attorneys are now 1-61 in attempts at legal challenges across multiple jurisdictions. As several other Republican Senators and Representatives have declared intent to join him on January 6th in objecting, nonsense claims of Congress or VP Mike Pence being able to reject the election results and retain Donald Trump as President are dominating time on Fox News, Newsmax, OANN and countless online publications. Hawley’s concluding theory is that the imaginary fraud have caused a minority of voters in the 2020 Presidential election to feel disenfranchised and therefore overrule the votes of the majority.


We won’t know the amount of damage Hawley and his authoritarian friends in Trump’s Republican Party will have done to the republic until it’s too late.  After Joe Biden in sworn in as President January 20, a huge number of Americans will have their faith in free and fair elections significantly damaged. More than one prominent voice joining Hawley’s efforts, including Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert, have publicly called for acts of violence should the election results not be overturned.


Josh Hawley is a well-polished con artist who will gladly destroy the US Constitution and democratic ideals if it gets him one step closer to his goal: becoming an authoritarian President. His history of lies and distortions is long. He lied about arguing the Hobby Lobby case to the Supreme Court. He lied about not wanting to seek higher office but began planning his run for Senate only a few weeks after being sworn in as Attorney General, then used state resources to plan that campaign.  He called for Eric Greitens to resign but never followed up on any litigation. Hawley openly violated Missouri’s residency law by keeping his official residence outside of Jefferson City.  He railed against “elites” while his entire education came from exclusive private schools and his campaigns benefited from high dollar fundraisers. While his real residence is currently an estate in Virginia, he claims his sister’s home in Missouri for voting purposes while he is building a high six-figure house in the Ozarks. There may be no bottom for Josh Hawley, but he shouldn’t be dragging down Missouri with him. Voters need to tell him to do his real job and save the self-promotion and grandstanding for later. Hawley and his nonsense have become dangerous for American Democracy and an embarrassment for Missouri. We can’t forget that between now and 2024.