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A Statement on Eric Greitens

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A Statement on Governor Eric Greitens


Jackson County Democratic Committee Executive Director Geoff Gerling made the following statement Thursday morning: "The calls from Republican leaders across Missouri for Eric Greitens to resign are completely justified but are certainly falling on deaf ears. Greitens is the worst kind of politician and person; someone who is deeply corrupt and narcissistic to the point of damaging those around him.  In his case, that's the entire state of Missouri.  The horrific details revealed in yesterday's report from the Republican led House investigative committee showed the world what a monster the "man" who currently bears the title of Governor truly is and why he is completely unfit to lead this state. Eric Greitens should not and cannot remain in office if we are to have a functioning state government that aims to work for the people. Every day that passes where he remains in office is a darker day in Missouri history."

Shortly before the report was released on Wednesday, Greitens called the investigation a politically motivated witch hunt. Republicans control super majorities of both the House and Senate in Missouri and the special committee that investigated the claims of blackmail and sexual assault surrounding his affair consists of five Republicans and only two Democrats. Upon release of the committee's report, House Speaker Todd Richardson specifically stated that this is not a witch hunt and the testimony delivered to the committee was found to be credible and "beyond disturbing."  Descriptions of the crimes perpetrated by Greitens even came with a warning of graphic content. Richardson canceled three days of regular legislative session due to the impact of the report and talk of ongoing filibusters have begun in the Senate should action not be taken against Greitens.  Regular government activity in Missouri may not be possible at this time.

In the hours following the release of the report, several Republican leaders have called for Greitens to step down. The embattled Governor also has legal troubles surrounding his office's use of the Confide mobile app which may have illegally destroyed official government communications and his campaign's possible theft of a donor list from a non-profit organization built to help military veterans.

Gerling added, "I'm a sixth generation Missourian and I have a lot of personal pride in this state. All politics aside, citizens deserve a government that functions. Greitens will get his day in court, but it should be as a disgraced private citizen, not as the sitting Governor of Missouri. He must do the right thing for once and resign."

At this time, neither the Jackson County Republican Committee and State Party have not made a public comment although both appear to be promoting Greitens through social media and websites.  Greitens campaign accounts are using social media to discredit the victim of his alleged crimes.