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We Made it to March (not that the weather shows it)

March 4, 2019Blog Post

Last Day to Update Voter Registration

The final day to register or update registration leading into the April municipal elections is Wednesday, March 6th.  Check if your information is up to date and to view the ballot at or  Absentee voting has already begun.


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Annual Wiggins Event Thursday and other news

February 27, 2019Blog Post
Democratic Legislators Working to Uphold Will of Voters
(via Minority Leader Crystal Quade)
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Blue Notes, President's Day Edition

February 18, 2019Blog Post
More of the Same: Your Voice Doesn't Matter to Republicans
(via the Columbia Daily Tribune)
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Blue Notes, February 11th. Not Great News.

February 11, 2019Blog Post
Jefferson City May Be Getting More Secretive
(via Rep. Jerome Barnes)
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Blue Notes, February 4th

February 4, 2019Blog Post
St. Charles Republican Plays Games with Human Trafficking Bill
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Blue Notes, end of January

January 28, 2019Blog Post

Republican Representatives Begin to Reverse Vote of the People

(via Rep. Judy Morgan)

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Mid-January News and Notes

January 14, 2019Blog Post

Outreach and Engagement Top Priorities for 2019

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