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Remembering Bill Baker

April 24, 2018Blog Post

Friends and supporters:

It is with great sadness that we report former Jackson County Democratic Committee Chairman and Independence Councilman William Baker passed away on April 19th.
Bill was a lifelong resident of Independence, Mo. He was a community servant, Korean War Veteran and was in the loving care of the Missouri Veterans Home of Warrensburg.

He was preceded in death by grandson, Mariano William Circo.

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This Week in Greitens Drama

April 16, 2018Blog Post

House Special Investigation on Greitens Released; It's Disgusting

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A Statement on Eric Greitens

April 12, 2018Blog Post



A Statement on Governor Eric Greitens


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Blue Notes - April 9

April 9, 2018Blog Post

Republican "Leadership" Ignores Democrats Trying to Protect Seniors

(via Rep. Judy Morgan)

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We Made it to April

April 3, 2018Blog Post
Municipal Elections Today; Polls Close at 7pm
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Early March Blue Notes

March 5, 2018Blog Post

Josh Hawley Promptly Ends Investigation Based on Nothing

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What's Next?

February 27, 2018Blog Post

Eric Greitens Remains Defiant, Who Knows What Happens Next

Thursday's shocking, although not surprising, news that Governor Eric Greitens was indicted on felony invasion of privacy charges in St. Louis is still shaking the Missouri political world.  What will happen next is still a mystery though.  Here's what we know:

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